How do I become a member of Nightkey?

Apply here.


Why is there an application process to join?

We work with some of London's best cocktail bars, restaurants and nightclubs most of whom don't offer discounts to the general public. Our screening process ensures our members are a good match for our partners and uphold the ethos of Nightkey.


How will I know if my application has been approved?

We will email you to let you know.


When can I use Nightkey?

All our partnerships run at least Monday - Thursday (or the venue's first opening day of the week). Some of our participating venues extend this to throughout the weekend. You can find details by hovering your mouse over the logos in our Venues section.


Do my friends also get 30% off at Nightkey bars?

Yes. As a Nightkey member you'll receive 30% off the bill for you and at least +1.


Do my friends also get 30% off at Nightkey restaurants?

Yes. You can find how many you can bring per Nightkey card by hovering your mouse over a restaurant's logo in the Venues section.


Do my friends also get free admission to Nightkey nightclubs?

Yes. You may bring up to 3 guests using your Nightkey membership.


Some of your venue partners are listed in both your restaurant and bar sections. Do I receive 30% off both food and drink?

Yes, you'll receive 30% off the total bill.


Will I receive 30% off on all menus?

You'll always receive 30% off on the a la carte menus. Set menus may be excluded, we'd recommend checking with the venue first.


When hovering over a few of the venues it says 'call ahead', what does this involve?

Before visiting the venue, you'll need to make a booking and mention that you are a member of Nightkey.


In your nightclub and events section, some of the listings state 'select events via guest list' - what does this mean? 

We host regular complimentary events for our members, the invites to which are sent out privately via our newsletters. Members who wish to attend will be added to the guest list. We have listed some of the partners we work with regularly.


Does membership guarantee me entry to a venue?

Entry is always at the discretion of our partner venues. Please ensure you dress appropriately and act with sound mind, body and spirit.


I had an issue at a Nightkey venue partner, where can I give you feedback?



How much will I save?

It depends on your social habits. On average our members save around £10-£15 per person when visiting a Nightkey bar or restaurant. If you visit only one Nightkey venue a week, you'll save around £500-£750 a year. Using Nightkey for free access to clubs and events, will tend to save you a further £10-£20 per person, each visit. 


Are the cards transferable?

All our cards are printed with the member's name on. The cards are strictly non-transferable. Misuse will result in termination of membership.


How do I keep informed of new venues joining?

Our website is kept up to date with our partnerships. You can also find out about new additions in our newsletter and via our social media channels.


I've purchased the Nightkey card and changed my mind, can I get a refund?

We're sorry to hear that. Email us at membership@nightkey.co.uk within 30 days of receiving your Nightkey card. We'll get back to you with the address to return your card to. You'll then have another 7 days to return your card. Once received, we'll issue you a full refund.


I've lost my Nightkey card

You can obtain a replacement here. Membership cards can be replaced a maximum of twice in one year.


I'm a venue and I'm interested in collaborating with Nightkey

Let's chat. Email: phil@nightkey.co.uk