How do I become a Nightkey member?

Download the app on iOS here, or Android here and tap Get Started to begin the application process. Once complete, your application is reviewed by the membership committee. You'll receive an email once there's an update to your application status.

I'm an existing member with a membership card, how do I receive access to the app?

As an existing member you should've received an invite code. Once you've downloaded the app, tap Get Started and enter your invite code into the respective field. This enables you to register and skip the membership committee review process. If you're an existing member and haven't received an invite code, please email us at membership@nightkey.co.uk.

What is Standard Membership?

Standard Membership is complimentary and gives you up to 50% off at partner restaurants and bars.

What is Premium Membership?

Premium Membership gives you the benefits of Standard Membership, as well as special access to partner events, clubs and experiences found in the Access page.

Why is there an application process to join?

We work with London's best venues, most of whom don't offer discounts to the general public. Our screening process ensures our members are a good match for our partners and uphold the ethos of Nightkey.

I've paid for Premium Membership, will it automatically renew?

Yes. If you wish to cancel your Premium Membership, you can do so at any time via the Premium page located in the main menu.

How long is my membership valid for?

There's no expiry date on Standard Membership. Premium Membership is subject to subscription. We reserve the right to suspend, or terminate membership in line with the Conduct section below.



How do I redeem a Nightkey offer?

To receive a Nightkey offer, show your digital Nightkey card when asking for your bill.

Do I need to book in advance?

Many restaurant and bar partners accept walk-ins, whilst some require you to call in advance and let them know you're a Nightkey member. Before visiting a venue, always check a venue's profile page to see if a phone booking is required for the day you're visiting. Whilst it may seem trivial, it's important for venues. If you forget, they may not provide you with the offer.

Are restaurant and bar offers valid on all menus?

Nightkey offers are for the a la carte menu only. Set menus are usually excluded.

Do my guests also receive the offer?

Yes, offers are always available for you and at least 1 guest. Check a venue's Max Party Size to see the maximum number of guests you can bring.



In what circumstances do you suspend, or terminate membership?

Nightkey fosters a community of respect, courtesy and trust. Conduct by a member that falls short of these values may result in suspension, or termination of membership. Such conduct may include rudeness to venue staff, or damage to the reputation, or character of Nightkey.



I run a brand/venue/event and I'm interested in collaborating with you.

We look forward to hearing from you. Email sasha@nightkey.co.uk.

I had an issue redeeming a Nightkey offer.

Let us know what happened so we can help. Email sasha@nightkey.co.uk.

I've found a bug, or have an issue using the app.

Please get in touch by emailing support@nightkey.co.uk